Friday, 27 July 2007

Alive, it's alive, it's ALIVE!!

Great googly-moogly, what have I done?

In an unguarded moment of wishful thinking I suggested that some of the Frost*ies from the Frost* forum might like to collaborate on a piece of music. There is such talent out there it would be great to put together something.
Now, you might think this would be a good thing and quite a few have said "ooh rather, sign me up", which is terrific...except for the fact that now it's moved from wishlist to "to-do" list and that brings a tiny amount of pressure.
The big fear is that the idea won't be good enough to support the effort that people seem keen to put in. I guess the first one might well be weedy in order to cut a path for greater things, let's hope so eh?
The excellent Sawtooth has heard my initial pitch and seems to think it's a goer (woohoo) but now we need to come up with a framework track of the whole song for other people to work to. This could take far too long - I just hope people are patient!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Tap, tap, is this thing on?... this is blogging, eh?

Time will tell if I "can" (geddit?) stick at this, I've never been one for creating a diary but this might be different, we'll see.

As the title of the blog suggests, I don't have much to say at the moment but "stuff happens" as the saying goes and I thought I'd try blathering on about it (to no-one in particular...except you, that is).


I ended up here because of a chap called Jem Godfrey.


Well, Jem is a musician who has been involved in tons of stuff including co-writing Atomic Kitten's "Whole Again" and X-Factor's Shayne Ward's "That's my goal". He also writes and produces tons of Jingles etc. for outfits like radio stations and so forth.

However, this is not why I heard of him.

I heard of him because he created a band called "Frost*" and a truly fantastic CD of great music called "Milliontown".

Anyone who likes what they call Prog Rock (Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Arena, Marillion, etc.) is very likely to love this album. It features the excellent talents of Jem on keyboards and vocals, John Mitchell on guitars and vocals, John Jowitt on bass guitar and Andy Edwards on drums. It's been called a Prog "super-group" and that is a fair description if you ask me.

That was last year and, after a short break, Jem is at it again(!) working on the second CD this time enlisting the additional efforts of Darwin's Radio vocalist, Declan Burke. I can't wait.

If you don'y have the Milliontown CD, check it out. It's on InsideOut records and available on iTunes so there's really no excuse. :o)

Check out Jem's blog @ It is usually fascinating or funny or both.

That's enough for now...